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If you have a classic old bike in need of some TLC, then back2bikes is the place to take it.

We can do any or all of the following:

  • Give it a service to make it run smoothly again

  • Put new tyres on it

  • Fit new cables and brake blocks to make it stop

  • Supply new wheels to replace the rusty old ones

  • Put on new retro parts such as

    • Saddles

    • Handlebar grips

    • Tassles

    • Racks & Baskets

    • Whitewall or Gumwall tyres

How about a complete rebuild?

If you really love your bike, and would do anything for it, then maybe a total rebuild is the solution. Here are the steps in a full rebuild

  • We strip all the parts off, leaving just  the bare frame and forks

  • You take it to the powder coater for a bead blast (removes all rust) and powder coat (it doesn’t have to hot pink)

  • We clean the excess powder coat from the frame and bottom bracket threads

  • We fit new parts where needed (you choose the parts)

  • You ride it home and love it, park it in your bedroom, tell all your friends about your born again bike

Classic Parts for your Classic Bike

We have all sorts of parts for older bikes including some hard to find parts.  Come into workshop and you can wander around.  You will be surprised what you can find!

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